333 - Sabeco (Vietnam)
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If it’s one thing to learn in the otherwise incredibly difficult Vietnamese language it should be “môt ba ba ba bia” or even just “ba ba ba” (333). After a morning traversing the fatally busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City, a couple of these with lunch will cool both your body and head down nicely. 333 is one of the more famous beers to be locally produced in Vietnam by brewing giant Sabeco and it’s, well, not particularly unusual.

333 is golden in colour with medium-coarse head and strong carbonation, typical for an asian lager with forced carbonation. The aroma is faint to non-existent with a very slight sulphury lager yeast smell. The mouthfeel is typical for a lager, so surprises there. Interestingly, it has a very slightly nutty taste. The finish is dry which makes it most suited to a thirst-quenching beer rather than complementing meals. I tried it with many different dishes but it didn’t really suit any.

Not being a lager drinker myself I may be biased, however, while the beer has nothing wrong with it as such, it has nothing to set itself apart from something like Heineken. It is perfectly drinkable and lends itself well to a good slammin’ session. It’s certainly not a weak lager at 5.3% ABV so I’d make sure you don’t have to cross roads in Ho Chi Minh City after you’ve had a few.

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  1. Mark

    I tried this lager in Vietnam and it was very refreshing after enduring the 40deg heat of the Vietnamese jungles at My Son. It’s a true lager and flows nicely down the throat….aaaah!


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