4 Pines Vostok Stout - 4 Pines Brewing Co. (Australia)
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As you gaze down at Earth from your first class seat you think how fantastic you are. How fantastic space tourism is. You take a sip of your beer but something’s not right. Where’s the taste? Nevermind that, what’s going on with your stomach? Suddenly you embarrass yourself by letting out a massive wet burp and spray beer all over the space-stewardess who despite all her training in these matters, can’t help looking utterly disgusted. In the zero-g environment the droplets fly all about the cabin. You glance down at the beer, trying to figure out what this madness is all about. Ah, of course you aren’t drinking CERTIFIED SPACE BEER.

[two]Yes, this stout has been certified to be drunk in space. It’s good that someone takes care of these problems that plague humanity. The boys at 4 Pines Brewery at Manly have partnered with Saber Astronautics to create the first beer designed for space drinking.[/two][two_last]Space Beer[/two_last]

This stout is typically dark with very low carbonation and medium head. The low carbonation helps with the aforementioned situation – the carbon dioxide bubbles in beer cannot rise to the surface in a zero-g environment and thus do not separate from the liquid. So when you burp beer in space, the lot comes up.

The taste brings intense dark-chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors countered with smokey citrus tones that could be best described as creamy burnt orange. The drinking experience is delightfully smooth and rich with a solid bitterness. Sadly, these lovely intense flavors won’t be as strong in space due to mild swelling in your tongue. Typically for an Irish-style stout, the finish is relatively dry.

While this beer is apparently the only one that’s suited to space at the moment, it’s still a very good choice to enjoy down on Earth. I’d match this stout with hearty meals on a cold night, or something spicy on a warm afternoon.


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