ACME California IPA - North Coast Brewing (California, USA)
80%Overall Score
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[two]Flying away with a curiously cheeky smile and beer in hand, the 1940s pin-up girl immediately captivates.
Likewise, ACME IPA commands attention with an intense hoppy bitterness followed with incredibly smooth, subdued malts.[/two] [two_last][/two_last]


[two]Golden and beautiful like the girl, ACME IPA exhibits aromas of smashed flowers. I was incredibly satisfied with the super fine and creamy head that remained for most of the beer – so much so I had to take a photo.[/two]

[two_last]Great foam



The beer is dominated by hop flavours but has notes of pine and citrus. Whilst it is a rather bitter beer at 55 IBUs, it is well balanced with slightly nutty malts.



I thoroughly enjoyed this beer and for its depth of flavour and hop strength, I would place ACME near the top of the American IPAs that I’ve tried. I recommend pairing this beer with a Thai-style char-grilled tamarind snapper (pla rad prik).


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