Barrel Aged Porter - Monteith’s Brewing Co. (New Zealand)
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Monteith’s have recently released an excellent range of beers, “The Brewers Series”, so called because they push the boundaries and add something a little edgy to the common ale styles.

The extended aging has made this porter incredible smooth on the palate, surprisingly mild (for a 6.5%ABV) and the use of Pinot and American oak barrels, commonly used for aging wine, add superb subtleties, which give this porter a brilliant depth of flavour and character.

The darkness of the porter meets the standard opaqueness rating but I would have liked to have seen a little more carbonation with the pour. Regardless, the deep malt and chocolate flavours are abundant and very enjoyable indeed. The American oak and pinot barrels adds a nice aged, slightly smoky flavour… if you drink a well aged Bordeaux or Coonawarra style Cabernet you will notice common flavours from the use of the barrels. I would be even happier if these barrel flavours were even more profound!

Overall, this is a very enjoyable porter; incredible smooth, silky and well-balanced. I would match this beer with a tasty German-style Pork Knuckle or a hearty Irish Stew.

Barrel Aged Porter

Monteith’s Barrel Aged Porter Label

Barrel Aged Porter

Monteith’s Barrel Aged Porter

Barrel Aged Porter

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