Big Wednesday IPA - Murray's Craft Brewing Co. (Australia)
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Wednesday. The hump day. We all know that some weeks drag by so slowly that you honestly think it’s Friday afternoon at 10am on Monday. It’s weeks like these that often require some mid-week lubrication to reduce this dragging action and to dissolve away some of the crusty build-up that appeared on your brain during that emergency motivational meeting on Tuesday called by the marketing manager.

Big Wednesday exhibits a typical IPA appearance but with a slightly more pale amber colour and slight cloudiness. The head is fairly thin and non-creamy and dissipates after a moderate time due to the medium-low carbonation (and the smooth glasses used at Murray’s). The lower carbonation allows for a greater transparency of the flavor due to the smaller amount of dissolved carbon dioxide.

The beer has a very enticing floral, spice and citrus aroma which is quite strong. It is powerfully hoppy, diffused with a biscuit-like flavor which is balanced with the same strong fruity characteristics as the aroma. This delightful balance of flavors and the drier finish makes this beer more suited to warm-weather drinking than a typical IPA.

Murray’s Big Wednesday IPA is an ideal beer to bring to your own motivational meeting on Wednesday night. At 6.2% ABV, a glass of this brew combined with a hearty carnivorous dinner should set you on the road to the weekend nicely. Just don’t invite the marketing manager.


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