Boston's Mill Pale Ale - John Boston Premium Beverages (Australia)
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There exists a certain brand of beer which takes its name from a famous convict-turned-brewer which is very popular. Mr Squire was said to have been the first person to grow hops and brew beer in Australia. However, little limelight is shared with John Boston, who also successfully grew hops and brewed beer at essentially the same time as James Squire. Sadly, historians have decided that Mr Squire won the race to beer brewing, even though the actual dates are uncertain. John Boston was in fact a free settler who arrived in Australia, eventually working as a salt-maker, soap maker, boat builder, surgeon, apothecarist and brewer.

Boston’s Mill takes it’s name from the windmill that John Boston used to grind his grain for his beer production. This pale ale is a no-nonsense, straight-up-and-down-beer with a touch of cheekiness. When poured the beer as fine head and a beautiful deep golden colour. The aroma is fruity and inviting and very hoppy. Upon tasting, a strongly hoppy flavour emerges with a nice crisp bitterness and slight but noticeable input from the malt. Boston’s Mill exhibits a crisp finish and the fruitiness isn’t too overwhelming which allows several bottles of this beer to be enjoyed.

John Boston’s Premium Beverages only uses water, malt, hops and yeast and thus is free from preservatives and other unsavoury ingredients, and it certainly shows. This pale ale is a fine example of a very versatile beer – good for a hot summers day or with dinner on a cold night. It should go well with roasts, duck or pasta dishes.

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