Brooklyn Brown Ale - The Brooklyn Brewery (New York, USA)
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Brooklyn Brown Ale makes me happy.  Pouring a deep mahogany colour with magnificent pepper aromas – I could hardly control my excitement!

Brooklyn Brown Ale is a mutant, evolving from a traditional English Brown Ale through an American twist – a good smashing of hops. Taking the English characters of strong, dry and subtle sweetness, these crazy yanks have made a beer that delivers a much more satisfying hit with good levels of bitterness from the hops.

The complex roasted malts make for a smooth, rich brew with great flavours of candied fruit, caramel and toffee. Black pepper characters tingle the tongue and lead into distinctive mocha notes.

Having just finished this beer as I type this last line… I can say that I want another. Wonderfully satisfying.


Brooklyn Brown Ale

Brooklyn Brown Ale

Brooklyn Brown Ale

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