Estrella Damm - S.A. Damm (Spain)
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When one thinks of Spain, rarely does one imagine beer. Sangria, wine and tapas tend to be envisioned first. However, this is a great example of why the beers from this country should not be dismissed.

Estrella Damm is the original and flagship brew from S.A. Damm from Barcelona. In addition, the brewery produces its own malt on-site, which is very unusual for large-scale brewers these days.

The beer is a wonderfully appealing crystal-clear pale straw yellow lager with a fine smooth foamy head that exhibits good retention. The aroma is spicy. This spiciness carries through to the taste which is strongly hop driven. The finish is crisp yet curious which may be influenced by the use of Mediterranean rice in the malt bill. Importantly, the aftertaste is not unpleasantly tangy, unlike another famous cerveza…

Estrella Damm is a very satisfying lager with a strongly unique recipe and flavour. It would be a great summertime beer to go with a lunch of barbecued seafood.

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