Fat Yak - Matilda Bay Brewing Company (Australia)
70%Overall Score
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Fat Yak was promoted by a terrible TV ad, fortunately the beer isn’t as bad. I can only imagine what would happen if you let an ad agency make beer: they would spend the whole time making a funky label and forget about the brew.

Matilda Bay’s Fat Yak has a deep golden colour, strong fruit aromatics and a very hoppy finish. Reminiscent of an American Style Pale Ale, this beer goes nicely with tomato based dishes, like lasagne or bolognese.

Fat Yak is a decent beer and worthy of praise, but with the increasing influence by the Fosters Group on the Matilda Bay Brewing Company and the movement of production to mainstream brewers like Cascade, I suspect this beer will progressively lose character.


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  1. CY

    I would be happy to drink this beer if not for the terrible advertisement…makes me cringe whenever I see the ad!


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