James Squire Amber Ale (aka Nine Tales) - Maltshovel Brewery (Australia)
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Made by the Maltshovel brewery, this Australian-style Amber Ale has a great depth of flavour and a rather unique nuttiness that lingers on the palate.

James Squire was an enterprising man – a convict that turned to running a farm, bakery, butchery, credit union and most famously a popular Tavern known as the Malting Shovel.  He is recognised as the first person to cultivate hops in Australia.

With a deep copper colour, this beer immediately captures the eye. James Squire Amber Ale commands a distinct maltiness and mild fig-like sweetness with a unique nutty finish that lingers well after the first sip.

Brewed with three malts and three types of Tasmanian hops and a 125 year old top fermenting yeast, Nine Tales is complex and rich.

I’ve had this beer many times and it goes perfectly with BBQs (imagine juicy steaks with sweet corn), especially on a hot summer day. This beer is best served in a nice tulip glass to capture the aromas and ensure good head retention.


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  1. Mark

    It’s a beauty!! Especially lovely with a BBQ. As an aside, any beer that needs fancy beer glasses should not be classified as a beer…


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