Mad Brewers' Hoppy Hefe - Maltshovel Brewery (Australia)
75%Overall Score
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Maltshovel’s seasonal offering can be summarised as simply “madness in a bottle”. This unique Hefeweize/Wheat Wine fusion is an intense experience. With strong citrus aromas it exhibits characteristics similar to a moscato. At 35 IBUs and 7.0% ABV this beer is by far much more extreme than most German Wheat beers.

“Hefe” refers to the yeast in Deutsch (German) and because the yeast is not filtered, the beer has a cloudy appearance. The light copper colour is similar to an amber ale yet the taste is closer to an IPA, at least in terms of fruitiness. Given the beer’s intensity it wiill complement most spicy foods quite well. Jalapeño and pepperoni pizza is a perfect match for this beer.

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