Mallee Bull Strong Ale - Mildura Brewery (Australia)
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“No other animal can put on a more fear-inspiring aspect than a full-grown wild Mallee Bull” wrote W.L. Morton in the late 1890s referring to the angry, powerful and aggressive wild bulls that roamed throughout the Mallee region. The story says that the Mallee bull was said to have derived it’s fierce strength from survival of the fittest animals who needed to compete for a single watering hole in the area. Within a short period of time “Big Red”, as the bulls were known, became legend, and allegedly the natural fear of these was used to threaten naughty children.

Rod Williams, head brewer at Mildura Brewery apparently has never seen a Mallee bull (and openly admits this on the label of the beer). Nevertheless, his imagination has worked wonders and in the process of being inspired by the myth of “Big Red” Rod has created a fine strong ale.

Mallee Bull has a nice fine head with moderate retention and a beautiful amber/deep copper colour. The beer has a nice fresh and subtle aroma. Mallee bull exhibits quite a complex flavour that took most of the beer to figure out: a nice biscuity-toffee flavour with a nice rounded nut element. The hops add a sweet fruit aspect to the beer which contrasts well with the moderate bitterness. The finish is smooth and satisfying, and is reasonably full-bodied.

Quite fittingly, Mallee bull would go well with beef that’s been cooked with rich, flavoursome sauce or any other rich red meat.


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