Mr Obadiah - Porter - Little Creatures Single Batch July 2013 (Western Australia)
Mouth feel80%
85%Overall Score
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The latest in Little Creatures famous single batches, Mr Obadiah is a bold spicy porter with deep chocolate, nut and coffee flavours.

Pouring with tones of darkness, Mr Obadiah is completely opaque like old ebony timbers. The head rises gradually to the top forming a beautiful coffee-coloured froth.

Spicy aromas waft up gradually greeted by hints of vanilla and candied nut. Subtle malty spices blanket the tongue initially but release their hold revealing a surprisingly well balanced brew with definitive hints of candied walnut and caramel.

There are a few different styles of Porter; you have the more carbonated, earthy-malt driven variety (think Jack of Spades), which are less intense and then you have a more bold English-style, characterised by deep coffee, spices, candied fruit and chocolate flavours, typically also higher in alcohol content and bordering on a stout. Mr Obadiah, is definitely the latter and won’t disappoint.

Being a dark beer fan, this is one of my favourite single batches so far. They never last for long, so make sure you get one soon. Check out some of the others released so far here.


Mr Obadiah - Porter

Mr Obadiah – Porter

Mr Obadiah - Porter

Mr Obadiah – Brewer’s description

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