Original Ale - Monteiths Brewery (New Zealand)
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Pale ales by definition are pale. Not for this bold beer. A pale ale by character but almost brown by colour, Monteiths’ Original Ale is from a recipe of over 143 years old.

Monteiths is a curious little brewery in Greymouth on the western side of the South Island of New Zealand. A couple years ago I went on a tour of their brewery and learnt of the process through which they drive the characters of their beers. Run by a bunch of passionate, albeit rather strange New Zealanders, this brewery is set to take on the world.

Monteiths’ original ale exhibits strong floral essences, a surprisingly light flavour for a pale ale despite the darkness of the beer and a mild hoppy aftertaste. This beer goes well with Malaysian-style satays (BBQed of course).

We Aussies must watch out, the New Zealanders are nipping at our toes.

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