Reserve Amber Ale, Vintage 2010 - Endeavour Brewery (Australia)
90%Overall Score
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This brilliant amber ale has a deep copper colour, caramel aromas and the full-bodied palate commands a myriad of flavours, finishing with distinct chocolate characters.

Endeavour Reserve Amber Ale is by far one of the best Australian Amber ales out there. The complexity and depth of the flavour is unsurpassed through the strength of the three different malts used. This beer combines very earthy, herbaceous characters with chocolate and citrus making it a profoundly interesting drink.

The strength of flavour in this beer makes it go well with equally strong food – rich juicy steak and strong Australian cheddar.

[two] Endeavour are taking an interesting approach with their brews by creating beer from specific vintages and positioning them for cellaring. The Reserve Amber Ale is supposedly made with rain water and purified to a particular mineral level to assist with cellaring potential. Unfortunately, my cellaring efforts for this beer lasted just one summer afternoon.[/two][two_last]Endeavour Reserve Amber Ale - Rain water[/two_last]

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