Route Des Épices "Spice Route", Dieu Du Ciel (Québec, Canada)
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Route Des Épices, “Spice Route” in English, is a rye ale brewed with peppercorns, making it incredibly spicy and intense.

Endowed with a crazed likeness of Christopher Columbus, this beer takes you on a journey of discovery. The story of this beer lies in the 14th century where European explorers travelled far and wide, through the Horn of Africa to India and Southeast Asia to trade intriguing and incredibly lucrative spices. The different paths taken to bring these exotic flavours back to Europe were known as the Spice Routes.  Christopher Columbus set off in 1492 in an attempt to establish a more direct trade route through to the East Indies by sailing westward. His plan, whilst failing to meet his goal, led to the discovery of the Americas.

Route Des Épices

With a deep reddish-brown hue the intensity of the peppercorns dominate the aromas, with hints of fruit and grain noticable. The palate is smooth and spicy with notes of toffee.

What makes this beer strangely enjoyable is the long finish where your tongue will tingle long after the first sip.


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