Pale Ale - Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (California, USA)
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I was standing in one of my favorite rooms – the cool room – of the local bottle shop. I was looking for a nice summer drink that was a little different. Something that was fresh, exciting and new. The Sierra Nevada Pale Ale caught my eye with its Tolkien-esque illustrations on the label of what appears to be Hobbiton. I immediately bought a six pack and on the walk home began to guess what delights lay behind the flowery label and accompanying language.

The beer is straw coloured with moderate carbonation. I can’t tell you about the head retention because I drank it from the bottle. Judging from the maltiness and carbonation, the head would be medium texture and would hang around for a while. This pale ale brings a strong floral aroma with an interesting citrus overtone. The first sip brings a heady mix of flavours of orange and summer blossom esters that could be attributed mainly to the cascade hops, but also the magnum and perle bittering hops used. The beer has a very nice malty mouthfeel and solid bitterness.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale would be fantastic for a lunchtime meal of seafood, such as spiced calamari. For those who like them, gourmet salads would also be a good choice with this beer. Finally, spicy Asian dishes would also complement this fine ale.

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