Wild Thing - Murray's Craft Brewing Co. (Australia)
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There it was sitting in front of me. My very own and very first black hole. A little piece of Swarzschild’s solution to the 16 partial differential equations that make up the theory of general relativity. It absorbed all light that fell upon it, and I swear I could see some gravitational lensing around the edges.

The Wild Thing is a Russian Imperial Stout. Originally, these beers were made high in alcohol in order to prevent freezing on the long and cold journey North from Britain to Russia. The Russian Imperial Court found this brew to be quite nice, and decided that they wanted more of it. Apparently in Russia they disapprove of beers that are even vaguely transparent.

Luckily, this beer isn’t anything like the horrendous song that shares the same name. As is the norm for beers of such style, it appears to be a large, cool glass of macchiato. The foam is dark, and the head retention strong. When it comes to that first sip, it’s like drinking a black hole. The sheer amount of flavor feels like you’ll end up like anything that goes past the event horizon: stripped of any matter and assimilated into the infinitely dense singularity. The dark chocolate, coffee and mildly fruity tastes are merely the precursor to the brutal bitterness. The mouthfeel is huge and the carbonation light.

This is a compulsory beer to have at Murray’s and one that I’d recommend to finish off your night with. Go slow and let it warm up a little as it should be drunk at around 18 degrees inline with most beers of this style. I’d suggest drinking this with a piece of fruitcake or dark chocolate. If you’re having this with your main meal then I’m sorry, it’s far too late to save you from the clutches of the Wild Thing.


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